Dani Treshin

Treshin Troupe daughter, head swordsmistress


Dex: 28 Str: 10 Con: 16 Wis: 22 Int: 18 Cha: 26

Equip: Rapier (3) *, Gloves *(M), Cloak *, Performers outfit *(M)

(M) = Denotes magical item


Her hair shimmers like cascading threads of amethyst, her eyes as though cut emeralds.

She moves in a breathtakingly quick manner, the personification of grace, danger, agility, and speed.

Her voice tinkles like silver bells in the morning mists- otherworldly and musical.

Likes: Challengers Crystallized Roses Coin Strange creatures Mysterious objects Adventurers

Dislikes: Pompousness Live flowers Common items Rogues Common life Airships

Dani Treshin

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