Arken Smetborn


Race: Eladrin Class: Wizard Age: Unk. Skin: * *Hair: Bald *LVL: * 16 Wiz. *STR: * 12 *WIS: * 18 *CON: * 16 *CHA: * 20 *DEX: * 16 *INT: * 24


Local Mage- said to be from a different Realm.. A smokey crystal orb as well as staff seem to be the only things upon His person aside from the voluminous robes.

Face a fluid shifting crescent of skin, barely visible within the deep Hood.

The Cloak appears to be made of a simple farm-spun cloth, but moves At times like silk- and others like stone..

Untrusting of the players, Cold, begrudging.

He is the advisor to Staven Gemanson.

Arken Smetborn

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